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Rules for Playing in Bad Weather


Soccer is played in almost all weather conditions. Because of our relatively short playing season and inability to make-up most games, we try to stay on schedule whenever possible. But safety is still priority one.

The problem is this: everyone has a different opinion as to what is a threatening weather condition. Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA), the governing body, to which we are a member, has established the guidelines below to follow during adverse weather conditions.

Referees are responsible for making this decision to suspend play. However, in any situation, parents and coaches should not hesitate to remove players from any weather condition they feel is unsafe or inappropriate. No one will be penalized for any safety related actions taken.

Below are the league rules for playing under bad weather:

  1. Check the BBSC website for any announcement regarding field closures.
  2. Rain is not bad weather and is not grounds for the coach or the referee to stop the game, unless the field becomes unplayable.
  3. If the rain makes the field unplayable, the referee will stop the game. If he/she doesn’t, you should ask him/her.
  4. Make sure that referees, players, and everyone else gets off the field if there is lighting or thunder.
  5. In case of lighting or thunder, the referee will stop the game. If he/she does not, you should ask him/her to do so. The referee will wait 20 minutes after last time thunder is heard or lighting is seen before resuming the game.
  7. The coaches DO NOT decide if it is OK to resume the game. The referee DOES.
  8. If the delay will extend to the next scheduled game, the referee will call the game. For example, thunder is heard with 10 minutes left in a game. The game should be stopped, and the game is complete.




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