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Referee Authority


NEVER argue with a referee, especially a youth referee. All refs, like all humans, make mistakes. Keep in mind this is just a game and a bad call is not the end of "Susie’s" soccer career. However, yelling at a referee could be the end of a coaching career! If you find yourself or a player in the middle of a confrontation, send for help immediately.

All referees have completed a USSF certification course. The responsibilities of the referee are varied, but include:

  • Maintain safe play by adequately controlling the game.
  • Maintain safe equipment by checking goals, fields, and uniforms.
  • Applying the rules of soccer with fairness and consistency.
  • Enforcing area where players, coaches and spectators are expected to stand.
  • Maintaining a sportsmanlike atmosphere.

The authority of the referee takes effect from the time he/she is in the vicinity of the field until he/she leaves the area of the field, including the parking lot. KEEP IN MIND that the referee may award a caution (yellow card) or a send-off (red card) to maintain control of the game environment. A card can be awarded before or after a match. Yellow and red cards issued shall be reported by the referee to the BBSC office.

A card may not be displayed when a caution or send-off is given a coach or spectators. A team’s coach may be asked to help quiet an unruly parent.

A send-off (red card) requires a player or coach, at a minimum, to sit out the following game of that season.

The referee may suspend play pending resolution of any conflicts.


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