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Coach Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main club contacts and phone numbers?
Executive Director- Marcia Kaline
Office: 248-644-2255
Cell: 248-961-0373
E-mail: [email protected] or
[email protected]

2. How do I schedule my mid-week training?
Sign up at coaches meeting or email the BBSC office at [email protected]
Please remember a coach or team parent must attend the session and participate. Please bring your teams’ balls with you.

3. How do I schedule a field where I can hold a second night of practice?
Sign up at the coaches meeting on the individual practice field sheets. Be sure to include your phone number and team age group/name. If you need to schedule after the coaches meeting, email Marcia your specific request at [email protected]

4. How do I know if mid-week training or games are cancelled because of weather?
Check our website!!
We will post a notice on the front of the site if training is cancelled. In most cases, the referees are the ones to cancel games because of weather so you need to go to the game site no matter what the weather. For U5s and U6s (which have no referees), if it is necessary to cancel, it will be posted on the website. Tell the parents to check the website if they have any doubt. If we are canceling ALL games on ALL fields, a notice will be on the website by 8am on the weekends. Practice cancellations are posted by 3pm on week days.

5. Where do I apply for Risk Management clearance?
Click here for the information

6. At the end of the Spring Season, do I return the equipment?
The balls are given to the players after the Spring Season. Each team is given new equipment each fall. The pop-up goals need to be returned after the Spring Season.

7. I don’t know where my assigned fields are.
Click here for all the maps

8. When should I contact my team members?
Immediately! Once the word is out that some people have been contacted by their coach, the office is flooded with calls wondering why they haven’t been contacted.

9. A player I had in the past, or requested for this season, is not on my roster.
Either they did not register to play this season, or they did not register on time and your team was full by the time they did register.

10. There is a player on my team who doesn’t go to the school my child does.
After the teams are formed, if there are any open slots on the roster, the late registrants are added to any team that has room. In most cases, the kids are just happy to play. We are very clear when we get the late registrations that they are being placed on a waiting list and will be placed on whatever team has room, not necessarily their school team. In some cases, a school does not have enough players to field its own team and has to be combined with another.

11. How do I become a referee?
Classes are offered, usually during the winter. You can go to the state referee website to find out class times/locations:  Click on the entry level courses. If you have a specific referee issue during the season email Marcia at [email protected] . Be sure to include the day/time/field/age group with any email about a referee issue.

12. Where do I pick up my equipment if I am coaching a new team?
Equipment available at the coach pick-up meeting, or at the BBSC office (16291 W. 14 Mile Rd, Suite 6; 14 Mile/Pierce) during posted office hours beginning April 12. Anyone can pick-up the equipment for your team; another team parent, another coach, spouse, etc. They just need to know the age group and team name.

13. Trophies?
You will receive an email when the trophies are in and ready for pick up during office hours. We will try to have them ready by Wednesday, May 28th. There will also be a notice posted on the website.

14. What are the office hours?
The office hours for the Spring Season are M,T,TH,F 10:00am-12:30pm.

16. How often is the website updated?
We are continually updating the info, adding new links, and expanding to make it more informational. We encourage you to check the website first when you have a question to see if you can find the answer there.

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